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my thoughts on worlds’ patent

Posted in politics on January 3, 2009 by tallimar

ive been reading on several different sites about virtual worlds ( sueing ncsoft over this patent apparently.  to put it simply, im a layman when it comes to patents and the legalese that it comes with so i cant really say much beyond the fact that im going to watch how this plays out.  after reading though the abstract on that patent though, it pretty much reminds me of the backend architecture of just about every triple A title MMO from UO on up.  if they manage to successfully sue NCSoft, who’s next?  Blizzard-Activision(WoW)?  EA(UO/KOTOR MMO)?  Sony(SWG/PSO)?


Zietgiest; is this what we really wanted?

Posted in politics on July 11, 2008 by tallimar

one of my co-workers directed me torwards this movie which i found very enlightening.  i’ve noticed many of the things that the movie talks about on my own so for me, zietgiest just connects the dots using facts that i wasnt aware of.  although, to be honest, i never would have thought that shrewd bankers would be the ones to try and take over the world.

in the end though, i guess the true threat to any nation isnt the raging zealot or soldier bearing down on it, but the gentle whisper in it’s leader’s ear.

link: Zietgiest

edit: switched the link to the full movie in place of the youtube pieces.