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school anon

Posted in General on April 30, 2009 by tallimar

one of my friends introduced me to chanology a while back. since then ive decided to do a documentary on it for my final project, i just hope i can pull it off. found out i missed a protest (by days at that, damn!) and therefore prime footage, looks like im going to have to look for other venues of acquiring material.



Posted in home life on March 6, 2009 by tallimar

i struggled against it for a while, but in the end i gave up. we’re still married legally, but she apparently wants to go with other guys. i guess that lets me back on ‘the market’, but will i even be able to find a GF? guess im stuck being alone at least for a long while…

my thoughts on worlds’ patent

Posted in politics on January 3, 2009 by tallimar

ive been reading on several different sites about virtual worlds ( sueing ncsoft over this patent apparently.  to put it simply, im a layman when it comes to patents and the legalese that it comes with so i cant really say much beyond the fact that im going to watch how this plays out.  after reading though the abstract on that patent though, it pretty much reminds me of the backend architecture of just about every triple A title MMO from UO on up.  if they manage to successfully sue NCSoft, who’s next?  Blizzard-Activision(WoW)?  EA(UO/KOTOR MMO)?  Sony(SWG/PSO)?

reminiscing old times

Posted in General on November 16, 2008 by tallimar

i dont know why, but for some reason events from a certain day in my childhood (well ok, teen-hood) suddenly came flooding back to me today.  i remember dennis, tammy, and steve, but i dont remember who that other girl was, just that she really had a crush on me and i was too afraid of being found lacking at the time to venture into the dating scene.  because of that fear, i had gone and closed myself off in a car listening to a radio station and challenged her to come talk to me in privacy, mainly because i was sure she wouldnt come out.  dennis and tammy kept trying to hook us up, but steve had another idea.  steve liked her and i remember telling him that she didnt have it in her to overcome my ‘challenge’ and that ‘he could have her’.  looking back now i realized that i probably sounded like an ass-hole when i said some of that, but i was really afraid that i’d actually just be a disappointment to her, she was really cute.  i wonder now how things would’ve gone had they turned out different, had i not been such a coward.

i dont know why im remembering this…  those times are so far gone…


Posted in General on October 24, 2008 by tallimar

ill be heading back to school here starting the first of december after taking a little hiatus during a bit of a tumultuous time period. its going to be hard trying to balance full-time work, full-time school (3 classes/week) and family, but since im so close anyways it’d be a shame to give up on my bachelor’s now.


Posted in General on October 14, 2008 by tallimar

this is cool, i got in to the metaplace closed beta (first time i was accepted into a closed beta too). since i agreed to an NDA, i really cant say much about it yet. anyone interested in more info should check out the website’s blog or stop by raph’s blog and poke around or ask about it.

my writer’s curse

Posted in General on September 19, 2008 by tallimar

i dont get it, every time i start getting creative and start trying to do something with it, i get interrupted, i lose the environment and my creativity is gone with the wind. i just cant seem to get any personal space when i need it but when i want to play with my daughter or converse with my wife, its a different story. i know ive been getting a little out of sync with the rest of the world, but have i gotten that bad? nonetheless, im going to TRY to write a story and im going to TRY to finish it this time (all my previous attempts ended in the trash can or just left hanging shortly after a good start).