reminiscing old times

i dont know why, but for some reason events from a certain day in my childhood (well ok, teen-hood) suddenly came flooding back to me today.  i remember dennis, tammy, and steve, but i dont remember who that other girl was, just that she really had a crush on me and i was too afraid of being found lacking at the time to venture into the dating scene.  because of that fear, i had gone and closed myself off in a car listening to a radio station and challenged her to come talk to me in privacy, mainly because i was sure she wouldnt come out.  dennis and tammy kept trying to hook us up, but steve had another idea.  steve liked her and i remember telling him that she didnt have it in her to overcome my ‘challenge’ and that ‘he could have her’.  looking back now i realized that i probably sounded like an ass-hole when i said some of that, but i was really afraid that i’d actually just be a disappointment to her, she was really cute.  i wonder now how things would’ve gone had they turned out different, had i not been such a coward.

i dont know why im remembering this…  those times are so far gone…


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