writer’s block: rethinking

ive been looking at what ive typed out so far of my current story compared to my last story (left incomplete for the time being, ill probably pick it up again another time) and realized why it just hasnt felt quite right; its lacking a lot of color… i like some of the plotlines i have floating in my head for it, but for some reason it just wasnt catching my own attention and now i know why. i know i have more skill than that and will have to completely rewrite it. the other problem is that i think it’s sucking because im trying to throttle the creativity out of me when i have time instead of trying to throttle the time out of me when i have the creativity.

another thing i need to do is give the book a name, i think that might help me give it more direction. what should i name it though? should i go with the trend and just use a one or two syllable word as the name or maybe i could dome something cliche and give it some multi-part name that includes legend/chronicles/etc. as is stereotypical of book with a fantasy setting (even more so with RPGs). i also think that at some point i should read some political fiction book as a sort of research thing. i wont be weaving in a lot of political intrigue, but i think it could be used to add a nice dash of mystery and diversity to the setting.

anyways, im going to end this one here. too much sugar and too little sleep…


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