unnamed book: chapter 1 – page 1

There they stood, all around me on the raised platform. Each one of them staring down at me, or perhaps staring through me. I could feel their contempt for me and I knew why, it was the reason they called me here. Seven old sages with exquisite earthen colored robes loosely hanging from their ashen gray skin and like all Karthule each had a unique magical pattern that weaved its way across the body from head to toe. These patterns or Relnarri varied in color based on the individual’s lineage. The leader of the elders began to speak, his Relnarri slightly shimmering, “Are you aware of the reason you have been called here?” I stand quietly staring straight ahead, my wrists bound behind me. His question was the signal that this was my only time to protest my sins, I remained silent. As with almost every other event, the elders had made this into some kind of ritual. The old man on my left began to speak, “Then we are to assume that you understand your punishment and why it must be.” Again, I stood silently without as much as a glance to the side. The woman directly to the leader’s right spoke up, I noticed her Relnarri was faintly glowing blue, “You were our mightiest warrior, our most promising arcanist, our greatest champion. You are also the last of the Cor’leon lineage, the greatest clan that our village has ever known.” It’s unusual for the elders to deviate during proceedings like this, but as the old sage pointed out, I wasn’t a normal scenario. She continued, “When I was informed of your sins, I was shocked and in disbelief and now we have to exile you… this is truly depressing.” I looked at her and my eyes began to fill with sorrow, “I just ask that one day, the people of Kendaera may find it within themselves to forgive me.” Suddenly from behind me, a deep voice echoed forth, “Your request has been noted and will be presented to the people, but as of tonight you are dead to us.”
The leading sage spoke up, “We have procrastinated long enough, and it is time that we finalize this matter at hand.” In unison, each of the sages raised their arms as their Relnarri glowed brightly. A powerful vortex of magical energy began to swirl up around me and for an instant; a flash of bright light blinded me. The ritual of exile pulled me and with its arcane energy tore at me like thousands of needles within a tornado. I tried to focus my own power to shield me from this torrential assault, but it was too late. Something slammed into me and everything went black.

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