ive finally fallen into the world…. of warcraft

ever since a friend had pointed me to this free WoW server i’ve been spending some of my free time on their blizz-like. ive certainly not achieved anything spectacular as im nothing more than a lvl 27 blood elf warlock (talents focused in demonology). i have to admit the game is pretty fun and ive even been invited to the guild [ctrl – alt – elite]. although ive never ran into anything like this, i have been having trouble with my client data becoming corrupt (probably a problem on my end somplace) and having to rollback/reinstall every so often which is kind of annoying.

i tend to wonder why level based character progression seems to be so popular, is it just simply because it may be easier to design and balance around it? maybe it’s because it has its roots in earlier games (EQ, DnD, FF, etc) and people are more familiar with it? from an immersion standpoint it seems so limiting to have such narrowly defined classes and levels. yet at the other end of the spectrum there’s the skill based progression (UO, EVE, V:TR?). having such an open-ended character progression allows players to develop characters that are almost as unique as they are, but i can imagine that balancing such a system would be a nightmare. trying to map out interactions between many different skills and trying to make balanced interdependency among them as well as coming up with some kind of logical limitation so that no single character can do everything or become too over powered (such as the infamous tankmage).

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