GTA… in a school setting?

my wife bought me bully: scholorship edition for my birthday the other day (although my b-day was actually yesterday :P) so i’ve been playing that a lot lately, and shorting myself on sleep some too. something about that game has me hooked on it right now. could be that i havent played any games with this level/style of gameplay in a long time or maybe it has something to do with the gameplay mechanics or perhaps its because i havent played any GTA game in quite a few years (last was GTA:SA)… im not really sure. *shrugs*

anyways, im stuck at work atm while waiting for the rain to clear up enough for me to bike home without getting too wet and ruining my laptop which i had brought with me last night. im just glad that one of the nearby hotels has a strong enough signal that i can pick it up all the way over here. ^.^

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