dreamlords; impressions

ive actually been playing dreamlords some lately. it’s got aspects of gameplay that can cater to both the unemployed gamer that has nothing better to do (IE teenagers perhaps?) and some of us gamers that have limited amounts of time for our hobbies. unlike other RTS games where research is measured in minutes and seconds, this MMORTS’s research is measured in hours and days. apparently, it’s barely even gone into it’s beta stage at this point, but to me it feels somewhat more polished than other beta games ive played thus far. i like this game and i think ill be playing it for a while.

naturally, as an rts, the game is about conquest and territory, but that’s not all. while in the rts client, you control your “dreamlord” which plays a dual role as your army’s general and as your avatar into the game world. while in combat (pvp or pve) if your dreamlord dies, you lose the fight. fortunately, you can train and dispatch squads of your soldiers (their names and advantages are based on the race you picked) along with your dreamlord. there are multiple resources to manage; gnosis, which is used to increase your population, soulshards, which are the basic currency ingame, then there’s “tribute”, which is used for to speed up some things such as new followers or buy stuff from ‘the altar of cynos’ within the client.

management, research, convergances (aka guilds/factions) and market are all taken care of through the web browser from the website. while the client is more about the short-term aspect of the game such as conquest and combat, the manager is more about the long-term aspects. research takes time, but it yields more than just the tech’s effects. most techs also come with stat points which are used to acquire “traits”. where techs are used to enhance the player’s army overall, traits can be used to either enhance the army or the dreamlord itself (or both?). after combat, items are often found, most of the time, the items are either useless junk or crafting ingredients. i havent gotten far enough within the game yet to really get into the crafting system, but from speculation it’s fairly straight forward. to make something, you need the recipe ‘book/tome’, the required ingredients and the appropriate techs/traits.

between the rts client and the “patria” manager, dreamlords seems to have good gameplay both for the hardcore gamer as well as for the more casual gamer and thus far, the player base has been fairly nice and not filled with crazy griefers and spammers (yet?). the real focus is on pvp combat, which admittedly i havent much experience with yet. in order to have ranked battles and control territory on the pvp map, you have to be in an active convergence (aka guild/faction), the beginner’s tutorial even recommends joining one.

((sorry for being so unorganized with this post, i wrote it while being tired and groggy. lol. 😛 ))

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