no blog title and my dreams

since i couldnt come up with a witty and original blog title, i decided to use the name of my future game studio, Dark Elf Games.

i dont really care if it’s simply an idea or dream at this point, it’s something that im reaching for.  my ultimate goal is to be able to create AAA games (sort of like the titles that bioware has put out) and to have my name among those that i nearly idolize such as garriott and koster.  as great as dreams and wishes are, they dont just magically happen and im well aware of that.  im currently studying and messing around with “game studio 7” trying to learn the various parts and how they interact with each other and it looks like if im even going to be able to pump out a conceptual game, ive got a lot to learn (improve my modeling abilities, learn how to script in GS7’s language, improve my documentation skills, learn good mapping techniques, etc).  by the time im ready to try taking on an actual project, im hoping to be able to do at least a little bit in each area of game production.

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